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Your Perfect Choices for the Ideas Real Estate Property

You have selected the real estate advertisements that correspond on paper to your expectations and you are only waiting for one thing: to visit the houses to find the ideal property. Be careful, during your meetings, cover all the important subjects: roofing, insulation, heating, humidity, etc. Our guide is here to help you ask the right questions of the independent real estate agent, estate agents or seller, owner of the property.

A kitchen opens to the dining room as you have always dreamed of, a pretty garden with trees, a spacious bathroom, etc. First impression: the house you are about to discover seems to match your criteria. Stay objective in a sales environment. A house visit is done quite quickly, sometimes even in less than 30 minutes. So be keen, have all your senses on the alert to find a home in the best conditions . To prepare, here is a list of questions to ask and advice for all stages of a home visit.

Arrive a little early

Don’t be on time to visit your subang jaya condo for sale. Provide leeway to examine the neighborhood, ask the neighborhood questions, gauge the noise or conversely the tranquility of the place.

Use a tailor-made checklist

It is important before visiting a house to keep in mind the important points to observe and check. To help you check the condition of the accommodation, our experts have designed a tool that allows you to create your own checklist according to the characteristics of the property. You can also consult the essentials of the home visit checklist.

Detect the presence of cracks or deterioration on exterior facades

  • Ground movement, moisture problem or poor workmanship during construction, etc. These signs should be detected immediately, because they denounce a problem with the solidity of the building.

Examine the general condition of the house

They are shutters, roof, fence, garden, etc. A simple glance you can determine if you need to consider repairs or for renovations. By arriving early, you can take the time to check these last 2 points quietly: facade and general condition. As you choose subang jaya condo you can expect the best quality now.

Check the floors

When visiting a house, for example, check whether the floors are flat, even in each room and between rooms? An irregularity can be a sign of a structural weakness. Also look at the floor coverings and make sure that they are well suited to the room where they are located: carpet or raw parquet are not recommended in damp rooms (bathroom or kitchen). You can always change the coatings, but you will then have to add the cost of this work to your budget.

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