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Why Do You Need Fruits?

Fruits are the richest source of vitamins, minerals, and many antioxidants. They are a big part of our balanced diet. We need the balance of fruits as much as we need carbohydrates and proteins.  Not eating fruits can lead to a deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals of our body and even a weakened immune system.

Whether you are a child, a student, or someone venturing into forex global market trading, you all need at least five portions of fruits per day. 

What are some benefits of eating at least 3-5 portions of fruits per day?  

  1. Greater Immune System With Fruits 

Are you suffering from a weakened immune system? Researchers have found out how fruits make a difference in our immunity. Researchers have found links between substances and chemicals in fruits that are directly linked to treating major diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, some types of cancers as well. Your body’s natural defense system strengthens against these diseases and it even prevents you from heart attacks. They can lower the risk of high blood pressure and having a stroke as well. 

  1. Plump and Smoother Skin 

Fruits are full of minerals and vitamins. They are a rich source of vitamin C and beauty gurus love to recommend to us vitamin C in our beauty regime. What better way to get our daily dose of vitamin C, than by consuming it in our diet. 

  1. Contribute to a Balanced Diet And A Healthy Life

Again, fruits are rich in nutrients. They have low saturated fat and they have a low sugar content as well. This is important to maintaining our cholesterol levels and so on. Eating fruits also encourages us to eat other healthier variations of food such as gluten-free editions and protein high lunches. 

  1. Aids in Weight Loss 

Because Fruits are extremely low in sugar and salt content, in addition to being low caloric foods, they are great in our weight loss journey. We can eat loads of fruits instead of a sugary pack of m&ms that pack a higher calorie than ten portions of fruits. Fruits can a long way in the weight loss journey because they can fill us up and make us feel energized as well. Some filling fruits that aid in our weight loss journey as blueberries,  bananas, dragon fruits, pineapples, Durian and mangoes. 

  1. and LOTS Of Fibre. 

Fibre is a necessity in our diet and we can get our daily dose of fibre from fruits. Five fruits a day and we are bound to have a sufficient amount of fibres for eased up digestion, decreased bloating and a healthier gut.  Fibre-rich fruits include fruits such as banana, raspberries, pears, apple and pumpkins as well. 

  1. Versatile Source

Fruits are incredibly versatile. You can put them into anything and pair them up with anything. You can make your favourite face mask with fruits but also make your favourite smoothie too. Frozen fruits also can be made into ice cream that is healthy and delicious. Many add sugary fruits like banana alongside their morning toast and peanut butter. They also put berries on their cakes, brownies, waffles and many more! 

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