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What You Can Do To Save The Earth?

This earth is getting old and worn out especially when people have started to use technology like cars, internet, washing machines and so on. Yes, it does bring a lot of benefits to us in order to make our life easier but it also has affected our earth in so many ways which will be very bad for us and the future generations.

Thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, greenhouse effect, sea pollution, melting glaciers are all proof of this world getting old and worn out. There are a lot of things that we have to do in order to preserve a better world for the future generations. We have to start doing everything we can, so that the earth can get better again.

The first thing that you have to do is to practice 3R which is reduce, reuse and recycle. This is the most basic and easy thing that I think everyone will be able to do, including children and the elderlies. Reduce means reduce the usage of non-recyclable or non-organic things such as plastics and polystyrene. These two things are very common in many places in this world. Reuse means reuse things that you can such as plastic bottles and eco-friendly reusable food containers especially when you are taking away meals. Places like Ikea do not give you any plastic waste if you are taking away their food, instead they allow you to put in your own containers or purchase it from them. Recycle means reusing the thing for something else. For example, you use plastic drinking bottles to plant trees or maybe you can just send your glass, aluminum, paper and plastic waste to the recycle center.

eco-friendly reusable food containers

Next is to avoid wasting natural resources such as water and electricity. Water poverty is real and one of the reasons for it is because of contaminated water resources. That is not the only effect of contaminated water but it will also give bad effects to the ecosystem. Some of the ways for preserving water resources is by not letting the tap water run all the time and use rainwater to wash cars and water your plants. Electricity is also one of the natural resources that are non-renewable. And in that case, limiting the amount of electricity used in a day should be a great move. One of the options that you can use to limit the usage of electricity is by turning it off while not using it and using solar panels to generate electricity. It might be a bit costly to purchase and maintain the solar panels but it is very helpful to the environment and your electricity bills.

Lastly, you can volunteer in any environmental program. There are various clubs and organizations that have started on environmental issues by making campaigns, making a volunteer program and so on. You can volunteer yourself to join the program and gain as much information as you can about the environment. Some of the activities that any environmental organizations would always do are cleanup campaigns, planting trees at certain places, making seminars or environmental issues conferences and a lot more.

All in all, please take care of our lovely earth if we want to live healthily and easily. 

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