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What Happens To Your Skin During Breastfeeding?

Being a mother can be a great gift that someone can ask for. With that being said, do you know about the aftermath of having a child? Especially the new routine that will be changed from time to time once the baby is out.

As a human we all are just aware of the one side of pregnancy but do you know the side effects after and before having a child? When we talk about babies, the only thing that pops into our head is a picture of a baby bundled up as a burrito with a beautiful sun rising in the background where the baby is bestowing all of us with it’s overloaded smile and cuteness. And, yes. It is irresistible. But do you know the ordeal that a mother goes through after giving birth? Especially during breastfeeding.

I know there’s many benefits to breastfeeding. Some of those beneficiary aspects relate to emotional and physical well being. But there’s one thing that everyone missed out on in this breastfeeding topic. Which is the nipple. We all know that a baby needs to suck on its mother’s nipple in order to drink its milk. But do you know that the force or pressure that is implemented by the baby on the mother’s skin is actually causing unseen micro tears due to the excessive sucking.

Micro tear is basically a tear that occurs in our skin due to too much friction happening in one part of the area. This tear not only causes pain but it has potential in causing skin irritation such as rash and infection toward the affected area if it’s not taken care of. With that being said, by now we all should be well aware of how important it is that breastfeeding mothers take care of their skin, especially the breast area where the nipple is located. It is necessary that mother’s should take care of their baby and most importantly themselves as well. So, with this matter being highlighted, how to prevent these issues from arising during your breastfeeding routine?

First thing first, as a mother, you should always reward yourself for the hard work that you do everyday. And that reward definitely consists of taking care of your skin first. Therefore, it is pivotal that after nursing your baby, make sure to put an ice pack on your nipple area in order to soothe the pain. Breastfeeding is not a painless thing. In fact, every suckling that you receive from your baby, actually causes a stinging sensation around the nipple area. And this stinging result from the sucking which is squeezing your skin in order to produce the milk. Henceforth, with that said, the first thing that you need to give some TLC is to your breast.  Always remember to moisturize your breast and nipple area in order to soothe your skin.

Furthermore, to every mother out there, if you are someone who just welcomed or maybe already have but are trying to get your hands on products that will help you personally, then there’s one brand that I wouldn’t stop recommending to my dear mothers out there. is an online store that serves products for both mom’s and baby’s to ensure your better well-being. And with that being said, if you are someone who is experiencing this excruciating pain after breastfeeding, then my suggestion to you is to try to use the lanolin nipple cream. This lanolin nipple cream is definitely worth a try! Trust me you won’t regret it!

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