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Travel and Live in Malaysia: A Country with Countless Islands and Beaches

Malaysia is a country filled with amazingly beautiful natural items. There’s greenery everywhere. Mountains, highlands, beaches, islands, makes Malaysia a special country. 

In this article, we are going to tell you guys about some of the most charming and mesmerizing islands and beaches of Malaysia. 

Islands of Malaysia:

Malaysia could be a home of islands. You’ll be able to visit a brand new island everyday. There are a complete 878 islands to be recorded in Malaysia. Each island is known for a few reasons. Out of which still many are uninhabited but tourists tend to go to them and rejoice with their beauty. Here, we’ll mention the highest 7 islands in Malaysia with their specification:

  1. Perhentian Island is the top island to be found in Malaysia. You can go there by bus or by the assistance of your vehicle. The island is incredibly popular due to its crystal-clear water. The water is so clear that aquatic life is visible in it. You’ll hire a guide with you to enjoy all the sightseeing on this island. 
  2. Tioman is another island that is enhancing the sweetness of Malaysia. The island is extremely lavish and you can enjoy greenery everywhere. Don’t forget your camera after you are planning a visit to the current island.
  3. Langkawi is the third best island in Malaysia famous for its luxuries. It’s located near the border of Thailand. You can enjoy the view of the island with the assistance of a car.
  4. Penang island is another great island famous for its food and rich cultural heritage. 
  5. Labuan Island is an awesome island where you’ll be able to enjoy the recent air balloon festival. 
  6. Layang is that tiny island famous for coral reefs, and deep blue water. 
  7. Sipadan island, here you can experience skin diving, etc. Here you’ll experience 3,000 aquatic species. 

Beaches in Malaysia:

There are 97 beaches in Malaysia. Each beach is extremely unique; the highest beaches which should be visited are listed below. 

  • Pasir Panjang, Redang this can be one in every of the foremost beautiful beaches in Malaysia. You’ll enjoy the white sand and lightweight crystal blue water everywhere. 
  • Pantai Cenang, Langkawi is often the most effective beach where you’ll enjoy all forms of facilities like restaurants, accommodation nearby. Lots of seafood is out there on this beach. 
  • Rawa beach, Mersing this beach was named after white doves and is an adorable beach to be found in Malaysia. There are beautiful sand and coconut trees everywhere. 
  • Beach of Kapas island is an exciting beach in Malaysia famous for white sand, skin-dive, and snorkelling.
  •  Beach of Manukan is famous for skin diving and is a little beach with many adventures. 
  • Juara Beach, Tioman it’s a highly dense beach with plenty of forests. This beach is taken into account as the highest beach in Malaysia. 
  • Long Beach Perhentian is extremely famous for clear water and plenty of sunshine and holds a renowned beauty. 


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