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Tips For A Job Interview

We all crave a stable career as soon as we graduate from university so we can finally step into the working world and obtain the first-hand experience of the industry we have long been aspiring to. With that being said, how sure are we that we can secure a placement as smoothly as we anticipate it to be; there are no guarantees that we will be hired after every job interview we attended. To ensure a desirable interview session, here are some things you can do. 

Your Attire

Do not wear as if you are going on a date with your significant other or hanging out with your boon companions at the mall, for a job interview, it is always wise to go for a full-on formal attire. Little did we know that our attire actually tells a lot about us; our personality, how much we value this interview, and how serious we are in getting this position. Make sure your hair is tied up if you have long hair, always keep them neat and away from your face. Next, stay away from revealing clothing because this is supposedly a formal occasion provided you are auditioning for a fashion runway. 

Be Mindful Of What You Say 

It may be important to express your personality, but it is way more crucial to say the right thing. You can’t take back what you just uttered, so be vigilant in every word you speak. When the interviewer asks about your weaknesses, stay away from answers that go along the lines of “poor hygiene practices”, “vulgar” so on and so forth; instead, you may tell him or her that you have trouble managing your time or something else that is in relation with work ethics. Other than that, when you introduce yourself, do not tell them stories about how you grow up; what you love doing in your free time; what you look for in your future partner; so on and so forth. Things like this do not matter to them, tell them what makes you a good fit for this very position you applied for; and how you can bring value to their esteemed organization. 

Be Active 

Answering questions is compulsory but make sure that you are not just purely answering questions. Ask the interviewer some questions also to express your sincerity in working for them. However, bear in mind that you are asking questions that are in regards to the company, something like the working environment, company background, what to expect if you were to work here so on and so forth. This helps increase impression as well. If you are interviewing for the best oilfield company in Johor Bahru, ask them things about the industry. 

Bottom Line

Whatever you are doing in your job interview, make sure that they are all related to the position and will boost the likelihood of you being hired. 

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