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The Importance Of Gutter Safety

Depending on the type of roof, as well as the type of building, different configurations of gutter systems are used. General recommendations are based on one indicator – the catchment area. This indicator determines the diameter of pipes, swivel chutes, the number of funnels.

The total cost is also based on the type of roofing, height parameters, and the complexity of the roof. All these parameters allow you to calculate the throughput of the drainage system.

A professional approach allows you to reduce costs associated with overspending of elements, which is especially important in copper gutters.

Types of drainage systems

The gutter systems offered on the market take into account the possible operating conditions, as well as the guaranteed service life, which the consumer selects depending on the wear resistance of the roofing:

Metal systems with a galvanized layer and a coating with a polymer layer – pural or plastisol, service life from 50 to 150 years;

Systems made of pvc materials, service life from 15 to 50 years;

Copper systems – the service life is not less than 150 years.

The cost of installing gutters

The approximate cost of installing the drainage system can be calculated according to the building design using the facade and roof plan. The exact cost of pemasangan sistem saliran bumbung can be calculated only after a specialist visits the facility.

Estimated cost of installing gutters:

Installation of gutters – from 280 dollars / running meter,

Installation of drain pipes – from 280 dollars / running meter.

The indicated prices are subject to change. The change in cost depends on the volume of the order, on the location of the object, on the features of the architecture of the house, on the design of the gutters, on the material (metal, copper, plastic), on the method of fixing the gutter during installation, etc.

Professional installation of the drainage system

It is necessary to take into account the hydro-balance indicators when designing the drain, only in this case leaks and damage will be completely prevented. Many consumers avoid self-assembly, as it requires appropriate specialist training.

In some cases, soldering of elements is used, only competent soldering will ensure that there is no depressurization. It should be noted that copper systems are always ordered with installation, in addition, it is copper systems, due to their flexibility, that are able to solve many problems with complex roofs.

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