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Practical Solutions for the TM Unifi Fibre Package in Malaysia

For fixed lines, this is the case for ADSL, VDSL and coaxial offers. By its very constitution, the optical fibre is only slightly affected by this phenomenon, the loss of throughput remaining minimal, even over long distances. If the potentials are rarely achieved, Internet service providers, on the other hand, indicate minimum speeds guaranteed by their subscriptions. In certain cases, it is still possible that these standards are not guaranteed. If in doubt about the performance of your internet box, it is then possible to test the speed of the latter. Choosing the best, Unifi fibre broadband is essential and here are the reasons why.

Network Reliability

Network reliability is also a decisive criterion for mobile offers. Here, it is the general coverage of the operator but also the reception within the buildings that must be analyzed. In the professional environment, it is not uncommon for users to find themselves in offices. However, some operators are more efficient than others at this level. As with internet boxes, to ensure the relevance of your package, it is recommended to test your mobile speed via the various existing online solutions. This makes it possible to check the performance of the 4G and therefore the quality of its Internet access to work in the best conditions.

Are your web pages taking too long to display? Do the images from your favourite series freeze? You can’t use two computers at the same time? There are tips to improve your internet speed even if it is not always eco-responsible.

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Choose wired

If your computer is located near your box, connect it with a good quality Internet cable. The flow will be more stable and the equipment connected by Wi-Fi will have a better speed. If it is in another room, install a CPL kit (sometimes called Extender), to pass the signal through the electrical network. The wired connection is more stable and offers better speed. Powerline boxes allow you to enjoy it in any room.

Claim a more recent box from your ISP

The old boxes do not necessarily integrate the latest standards in terms of connectivity. Result: your operator may provide you with a good speed, it will be restricted by the box. Check that it integrates Gigabit Internet ports (especially if you have fibre) and wi-fi ac, faster than Wi-Fi.

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