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Living In The Heart Of Puchong: Should You Do it?

Everywhere we look Malaysia is filled the vibrant, multicultural, diverse, and youthful cities and towns. There is no end to the list of neighborhoods that are filled with some of Malaysia’s best-kept secrets and the most delicious food. From Puchong to the very serene Semenyih, you have choices to spoil. 

Today, we are going to talk about one of the more notable neighborhoods and towns in Selangor, in Puchong. When we say Puchong, we immediately associate it with quick trips to get our favorite dimsum, amazing coffee, and delicious hotpots. The food itself is a good enough reason why people situate themselves in the locale of Puchong or get real estate in the area. This large self-sufficient town is home to so many Malaysians as well as expats. Each and everyone has nothing but positive things to say about this wonderful place in the heart of Malaysia. 

Did you also know that Puchong was named after a bird? Well, do not be swayed by the inspiration of the name because it is no tiny town. The neighborhood of Puchong is known for being one of the most well-populated places in the Klang Valley and is the beloved residential area of Selangor. The neighborhood is incredibly large so it is under various local authorities, in total being four. That is th Subang Jaya city council, Kualalumpur City hall, Sepanf municipal Council, and last but not the least, Langat Municipal Council. 

Puchong has captured the hearts of so many. Especially those who are working full time and living the life of a working girl. It is a picture-perfect city if you are also raising a family but still want to reside close to all the commercial centers. You can have the luxury of a variety of hypermarkets, supermarkets, and even branded outlets. You do not have to drive far to get your daily goodies from Tesco or Village Grocers. 


There are also so many local shops and stalls that will fill our tummies with the yummiest street food. Malaysians want their nasi lemak hot and ready to consume on the go. There is no better feeling than getting fresh durian on a hot summery day with our friends and even cooling off with a good coffee or even better, a Teh O Ais. 

The neighborhood of Puchong is also perfect if you want to educate your children in a very diverse community. There are people from different racial backgrounds and there are plenty of schools for Chinese, Tamil, and even international. Not only for children but educational institutions exist for adults as well with an abundance of colleges. 

Shopping is done, schools are accessible, healthcare is readily available but how about your entertainment? Do you want to run off for a later evening karaoke session with your friends? Or maybe a movie date with your spouse after work? There are so many choices available for your entertainment and lifestyle needs including your various bundles of gym choices. 

So get ready to say welcome to Puchong, where everyone is welcome and happy! 

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