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Life in Selangor as a College Student

Being a student has its ups and downs. Does not matter if you’re a college student, high school student or primary school student, there will always be good times and bad times. However, being a college student is a little different for most people. Some will reside on campus and fend for themselves, some stay at home if their campuses are nearby, and others stay on their own, renting apartments or rooms near their campuses. This is especially challenging but fun when you live in Selangor. Let’s get into why living in Selangor as a college student is so challenging yet fun.

First things first, looking for a place to reside during the duration of your studies. Now, this might be the most challenging thing because unless you are financially stable, it is going to be hard to find a place within your budget. Plus, it won’t be comfortable at first trying to adjust to this life of living on your own. This includes the possibility of you having to live with strangers. For instance, you want to cut costs on renting a whole apartment in Subang Jaya and you rent a room instead. This means that you will only be using one room and the apartment facilities however, you will have to share the apartment space with other people. Unless of course, you choose to rent with a group of your friends. Besides the rental costs, if you are bringing a car, you’d most probably have to pay for the reserved parking as well which is provided at almost every apartment building.

Speaking of additional fees, which as a student you should ask the real estate agent of them before you rent, there are other fees you have to think of. Let’s say you don’t bring a car, you’d have to commute to your classes since you’re living off of campus. Thus, transport costs. Other than that, when you rent a furnished apartment, there are also fees for that. Apartment facilities, amenities, utilities, and even the furnishing. As an example, most apartments in Glenmarie, Shah Alam come furnished and thus the rental is slightly higher. You cannot forget to think about how you’d pay monthly, alongside your tuition fees, rather than living on campus which just requires you to pay per semester, which is cheaper. Looking for an apartment is just for the possibility that you cannot or do not want to stay on campus. One of the perks of living off of campus is, of course, you’d have more freedom. And it can be a lot of fun but it is also going to take a lot of responsibility to do so. So, the most important thing is that you have to consider the monthly rent, as mentioned before, and as well as how you’re going to afford food on the daily or essentials like your toiletries or essential groceries. 

There are perks of living on your own though, as mentioned before. For instance, the freedom you have. You can come and go from your apartment at any time you want, rather than most university accommodations which have curfews. Alongside that, you get a wider variety of food to choose from, ranging from Chinese, Thai, Korean to all the local food you crave especially when you rent anywhere in the Puchong area. Besides the variety of food, this is the time you can practice living away from your family. Feeling homesick is normal however, you can always visit your family during the weekends or with technology nowadays, you can videocall them at any time. 

To wrap it up, living on your own as a college student can be very exciting and enjoyable. But remember to think of your responsibilities as well. To pay rent, tuition fees, transport, essentials and the occasional splurges. Most importantly, plan ahead before making the decision and always be ready with a backup plan.

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