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Here’s How You Can Save Money for Your Next Vacation

Money Saving Hacks for Travel Lovers

Every avid traveller and wanderlust soul dreams of visiting exotic and beautiful locations without a care in the world. There is nothing better than jetting off to a new country or city and leaving our worries behind. However, there is always one concern for any hodophile or lover of travel, and that is finances. There is no doubt in the fact that vacations can be expensive.

There are several factors to consider such as plane tickets, hotel bookings, food and activities that require a lot of budgeting on your part. However at the same time, this should not stop you from planning your dream vacation. Read on to discover a few money saving tips that will help in arranging a trip to your next destination. 

Assess Your Monthly Budget

The first step is to figure out your monthly expenses. Make a list of all the things you spend your money on such as rent, bills, food, gym, online subscriptions, and social gatherings etc. Carefully assess how much you spend per month on each item, and once you have the total, try to analyze where you can make realistic deductions and spend less. 

An example of this could be to order less take out, and instead cook at home at your respective apartments in G Residen, Pantai Hillpark and Seni Mont Kiara. Another option could be to avail the free gym and pool facilities offered here at rent property G Residence KL, Seni condo Mont Kiara, and rent Pantai Hillpark. Once you have figured out your new budget, the next step is to make a conscious effort to stick to this number, as the remaining balance can be utilized towards your travel expenses. There are also several apps that can help you keep track of your finances such as Qapital and Digit.

Look for Affordable Destinations

Now that you know what your savings are, the next step is to do your research and look for vacation spots that fall within your range, keeping in mind your earnings of course. A luxury vacation to an exotic location may be any traveller’s dream but you can still satisfy the wanderlust soul in you by having a relaxing, exciting and exhilarating vacationing experience while simultaneously saving your money!

It also pays to follow travel bloggers on Instagram and read their reviews before deciding to visit a place. Moreover, if you live in the city, and  relaxation is your priority then you can opt to go to a resort nearby to your respective homes at G residence for sale and Pantai Hillpark apartment to save money on commuting.

Check out this video below for ideas on cheap vacation spots:

Stay Alerted & Avail Promotions

Follow prominent airline companies such as AirAsia, Emirates and Malindo Air on social media so that you can constantly be alerted on cheap flight details, as well as avail any upcoming promotions and packages that they might have. This can also come in handy when you’re deciding to pick a destination spot. Try to avoid going during busy times of the year such as Christmas and New Year, as flight prices tend to shoot up. However, if you are adamant on going during the holiday season, then be sure to well in advance to avoid high prices. 

Moreover, you can check, which was recently ranked as the best hotel search engine for promotions on cheap hotel prices. Another alternative could be to stay at an Airbnb apartment, where you can avail discount vouchers for the duration of your stay.

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Make a Budget Plan for Your Entire Trip

Make a budget for your entire trip and stick to it! This means planning everything from commute options such as opting to go by bus to save money on flights, to staying at guesthouses instead of hotels, and spending your day soaking up the sun at the beach instead. Moreover, you can carry  water, snacks and eateries to take with you to save up money on food and drinks. Another useful tip is to avail those free breakfast offers if you are staying at a hotel! Other hacks include purchasing your own alcohol and mixers, so you save money on expensive cocktails while simultaneously having more to drink. 

Avoid shopping on trips as much as possible, as these tend to be mostly unnecessary. Souvenirs may be an interesting way to remember the trip but they can also be a way for locals to scam tourists, so try not to spend too much money on a worthless keychain. Lastly, you can earn as you travel! There are many people out there being paid to travel the world and earn their living through their blogs. Who knows, maybe you can be the next one!

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