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Finding The Right Person To Love

Finding The Right Person To Love

All of us has our own person to love. We tend to look for this person and most of the time, we do not find them. This is because our ideal love person do not really exist. The one that we find is the one that will become our ideal person over time. Most of the time, we look for someone perfect in this imperfect world not realizing that all along, someone is willing to become our ideal person if we just give them the chance to be. It is not wrong to have someone ideal but it is wrong to expect to find someone exactly like your ideal type for marrige. Definetly your partner is not your intellectual property.

1. Do not judge anyone by their looks. 

Most of the time, we already make some presumptions on the kind of person someone is because of how they look. We tend to not allow ourselves to get close to someone because we think that they are up to no good position even if we still do not really know who the person is. So it is important to refrain from making judgments because of how someone looks. We really have to know people first before we decide that they are not good for us and they are not the people that we should hang out with. 

2. See the good in everyone. 

Each and everyone of us has a good side and we should always see this in everyone no matter how bad they may seem in their business. Try to understand why they act the way the act and maybe you’ll know why they choose to present themselves the way they do. Get to know people by talking to them. Share interests. Stop thinking about anything that could happen because there is no harm in talking especially if you just put a limit on what they should know about you. Share your hobbies and see if you have something in common because this will be a great start for your relationship

3. Do not doubt yourself. 

Sometimes, our biggest enemy is our self doubt. We think that we do not have what it takes for anyone to like us for who we really are so we tend to put on masks and pretend to be someone we think that is more acceptable to people. We should not really doubt ourselves and we should be proud of who we are. So if someone wants us, it is because they like who we really are and not someone who we are pretending to be. There is no need to pretend. Ignore everyone who doesn’t approve of you and focus on the people who choose to love you. 

With these things, we might just be able to find someone who is genuine and someone who we are not afraid to give love to. Someone who can love us back the way we want to be loved. Someone who can appreciate us for who we are and someone who can love our imperfections as well.

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