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DIY Tips when Your Phone Gets Wet

DIY Tips when Your Phone Gets Wet

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Don’t fret when you accidentally drop your phone into the water as there is still something you can do. Phones are most vulnerable to water and this is why, most mobile owners assume that once their phones get submerged into the water, it is the end of it. Well, not all the time. You can try handing in your device to iphone screen repair kl, they can fix it in no time!

Or, here are a few other DIY tips:

• With a piece of cloth, you can dab the water lightly to avoid pushing it deeper into the phone.

• If you think the water gets the phone really bad, you can use a vacuum to suck it out. However, you have to make sure the small parts are already in a safer place.

• As rice is known to be great in absorbing water, you can busy your phone to your rice bin or in a Ziplock.

• Leave your phone alone for a day or two and never attempt to turn it on.

• Then when all is done, you can turn the phone back on.

The tips above might not work and if that happens, you can send your phone to a phone repair specialist. In fact, this is really the best thing you can do.

Many are dreaming of starting their own business, but, not many are willing to take the first step. The reason? They were scared of failure. So below is the advice for the startup companies out there. 

The first step, conducting market research to know if your business idea has the chance to be successful or not. Research the target market, finance, and location of your business. Make sure that you know the social media tactics as well.

Second, planning, which will be your blueprint that will guide your business from the start-up phase through establishment and eventually business growth. Your planning must include your business structure and name. Third, fund your business with a little investment to cover ongoing expenses before you are turning a profit.
Fourth, make your business official by registering it, getting a license and permits. Fifth, build your team by choosing the right employee for every position in the company. Sixth, promote your business so the public will know its existence. Lastly, choose your IT system, whether you want to customize software or not it is up to you. However, if you are not sure, you make check IT services malaysia.

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