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Champion Tips in Saving a Rocky Marriage

Champion Tips

Walking down the aisle while someone you choose out of the millions of people you probably met is waiting at the end of the line is without a doubt, one of the happiest highlights of one’s life. Yes, this is usually the situation, but sad to say that almost half of the love marriages these days end up in dissolutions. We can easily conclude that even the most epic “I dos” still end up in perils. There is really no guarantee at all in this “Apple” world that you and your partner love will be together till death. 

Is your marriage okay? Or are you facing an impending divorce? There are times when you will just surrender your marriage to fate like que sera sera. However, if you have kids already, you will surely want to try everything first, for them at least. After all, they are the products of your love and they surely are the most important people in your life. They deserve parents and they deserve all your efforts before you will back down and trust fate! Yes, there are definitely things you can do that might possibly still work and throw any thoughts of marriage dissolutions out of the window!

Favor Love

There are times when because you are hurt, you want to hurt your partner more. However, you also very well know that at the end of the day, you will end up hurting yourself and your marriage at that also in social media. Instead of concocting some plans on how to induce pain to your partner, why not choose to love? Yes, remember his good qualities that made you say “yes” to him in the first place! He is still that man. Maybe somewhere along the way, something made him change a little but if he will also see that you are the woman, he wooed for quite some time, the love you had then might surface and rekindle.

Marriage Hurdles

You might feel jealous that your friend has a flourishing marriage positioning. But then again, you really don’t know the real score as for sure, your friend has also faced a lot of marriage hurdles. After all, no marriage is perfect! Even if you will give up your partner right now and end up with another man, there is no guarantee that you will live happily ever after. In fact, you will surely still face some issues and hurdles like you faces on business. So, maybe what you are facing right now can still be settled. Give it your best shot and try not to consider divorce or separation as an option. 


Yes, prayers are still the best options. However, be sure to know first if you are praying for the right God. After all, there are now so many gods and note that the real God can get jealous. You can pray for your spouse that he may have the right mindset and you can also pray for yourself, so that he will give you more patience and wisdom for you to wisely and lovingly handle difficult situations. 

Reach Out First

Yes, we all have pride. But then again, there are times when putting your price aside can do wonders. Why not then reach out to your husband first as this might change and even reverse the situation! You see, men are known for the formidable pride that sometimes, they are willing to risk tough outcomes. However, seeing that you are able to set aside your pride, he might be softened and can reconsider things with his pride still intact. 

Be with Friends who have Healthy Marriages

Try to surround yourself with some friends who have flourishing marriages. This will motivate you to better your relationship with your husband. This will inspire healthy mindset. At the same time, this will also stir something in you so that you will be more inclined in championing your marriage crises

Make the Setbacks become Opportunities

They say that tough situations can make someone stronger. This can also happen to married couples. You and your husband can turn some marriage setbacks into opportunities so that you will be stronger and closer at the same time. Instead of withdrawing and attacking, you can protect and defend your marriage. Think of your kids and think how they will fare without both parents by their sides. 

Make your Spouse’ Happiness Yours

If each of you will consider each other as your happiness, you will surely be more understanding and more patient in handling such hurdles. 

No “me” just “we”

When you say “I do”, you are already considered as one. In fact, nothing should separate you from each other anymore. You should take this seriously and don’t dwell on the fact that in your country, you can always file for a divorce. Always consider yourself as entwined to your husband as that is the truth. You and your husband are already one!

Indeed, there is no perfect advice. At the end of the day, you will be the one to navigate your life. However, you should take into considerations that there are other people who might be seriously get affected by your decisions and can get immensely hurt like your kids, most of all. So, before you make a serious leap, see to it that you have already done everything you can do to save your marriage. 

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