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Benefits Of Broadband Growth

Today wireless mobile access technologies have advanced in such a way that they should be considered as competitors in the local broadband market. Geographic coverage, available bandwidth, error correction techniques, and multi-service platforms are accelerators of these transformations. At the ITU Global Symposium for Regulators, the need for countries to open their markets to increased competition and to use incentives to stimulate investment in broadband networks, which is rapidly becoming an essential element of investment, was raised the knowledge economy.

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He pointed out that mobile penetration will continue to increase and will reach 75% of the world population by the end of 2020, which will represent 5 billion TM unifi subscribers and that today, more than a quarter of the world population uses the internet. This undoubtedly indicates that investing in broadband wireless (fixed-mobile) access networks, as well as value-added service management platforms, is the right way to go in emerging markets.

The companies best positioned to follow this route are those that provide cell phone services, which, with a strategy of technological evolution, reinvent themselves by incorporating LTE technology into their networks, it is destined to offer greater bandwidth for the current mobile and fixed network communications.

LTE, like 3G, was thought to be used as access to the high-speed cellular network in mobile devices, in order to facilitate the use of multimedia content and support videoconferences, but greater privacy, coverage, mobility and lack of dependence on networks based on physical transmission (cable, telephone line or fiber optic), have made it an ideal connection for laptops and, above all, for the new generation of NetBooks.

On the other hand, the integrity of the data is entrusted to HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat-Request) and the security is greater than in a connection to Wi-Fi networks, since on the one hand the authentication is based on a SIM card (the same as the telephone), with its corresponding access code (PIN) and on the other, operators can use different authentication algorithms, which together with the mobility of these devices, makes detection, decoding and interference in the connection extremely difficult .

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